My Ultras




It’s my way to BIG ultras with some ambitions. After a lot of mistakes and tries, these races have become more efficient and successful for me.

Main question, what it means – “successful race”.

Successful race to me – manage all crisis and fight trough whole distance.

Most races wasn’t successful in that sense, but it’s life, and I’m very happy with each improvement and learned lesson!

Dolomiti Extreme 2021

Monte Rosa Sky Marathon

Ultra Kotlina 2018

Trans Gran Canaria 2018

Lavaredo 2016

UTMB 170km & 10.000m Up 2019

Malofatrzanska 100

Orobi Ultra Trail – DNF

OCC 2015


Chornohora Sky Maraton

Bieg Grania Tatr

Tatra Sky Marathon 2020

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